A United Purpose


Our Vision

The United States is home to the second largest Lebanese Diaspora community in the world, with more than two million residents of Lebanese descent and counting. The House of Lebanon (HoL) was conceived as a “home away from home” for all Lebanese in Southern California and beyond. HoL strives to remain a gathering place where older generations pass on their traditions and exchange their knowledge and experiences with newer generations of Lebanese Americans.

Our Mission

The House of Lebanon encourages and facilitates networking and uniting of Lebanese, Lebanese Americans, and Americans of Lebanese ancestry residing in the United States. By establishing a clear and strong identity for the Lebanese community in the States and offering a dedicated space for the exchange of ideas and cultures, HoL works to support a network of friendship and foster a sense of belonging and cooperation between the peoples of the United States and Lebanon.

Our Approach

The House of Lebanon welcomes people of all backgrounds to learn about Lebanese history and engage in its rich cultural heritage through its various programs, activities, and yearly calendar of events.

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