Pride of Heritage Banquet

Pride of Heritage Banquet

The House of Lebanon's Ray R. Irani Pride of Heritage Award

Given annually to an individual who best exemplifies those qualities that have distinguished Lebanese Americans -- love of family and country, generosity of spirit, dedication to the community, excellence in business or profession and is supportive of the mission and purposes of the Lebanese American Foundation.

Our very first recipient of the award was Ambassador Gilbert R. Chagoury. US President Bill Clinton presented him with the award and was keynote speaker are his honoring ceremony. 

Award Recipients

2005   Ambassador Gilbert R. Chagoury
2006   George Hage
2007   Mohamed Ahmar
2008   Dr. Paul Boulos
2009   Vatche Manoukian  
2010   James N. Koury
2011   Ghassan M. Saab
2014   Harry H. Nadjarian

Pride of Heritage Award

The award was designed by Carole Choucair Oueijan, founder of the HOL Artists Group.  Her inspiration for the award is from the "keystone" of the great doorway at the Temple of Bacchus at Baalbek, Lebanon.  A keystone (ghalaq) is the stone that holds the two walls to make an arch for an entrance, door or window, thus eliminating the need for strong timber beams.  The Lebanese American Foundation's vision to create a bridge to connect future generations of Lebanese Americans with their roots, while strengthening our ties with the American society is representative of the keystone in the Temple of Bacchus.  Just as the keystone holds together, what many historians consider the largest Roman temple ever built, so does the Lebanese American Foundation strive to hold together the Lebanese and American cultures.