HOL Artists Group

HOL Artists Group

Mission of the
House of Lebanon Artists Group

The House of Lebanon Artists Group was formed in February 2006 from a group of Lebanese American artists. Our mission is to share our diverse experiences as Lebanese American artists living in California.  With our multifaceted talents, we hope to serve as models of cultural adaptability as well as pride in our strong connections to our roots and further expand the spectrum of knowledge about our larger Arab American community in America.

The artists are working and trying to share their visions and ideas, and show thei world their wonderful talent and cultures through their work, programs, shows and exhibitions.  In May of 2015, the group reached it's 100th member. The group is comprised of emerging and professional artists, visual artists, performers, composers, musicians, actors, filmmakers, and writers using  various mediums to express themselves.  All artists are invited to join the group.

Beyond Borders Art Exhibition

In 2010 the Artists Group produced the first Beyond Borders Art Exhibition for the House of Lebanon.  Since then, their annual exhibition is aimed at promoting and showcasing their diverse artistic expressions.  They curate, direct and stage this annual show inviting the community to share in their passion for the arts and the rich Middle Eastern culture they all share.

How to Join the Artists Group

If you are interested in joining the Artists Group, please contact the Chairperson at dina@houseoflebanon.com