About Us

About Us

The House of Lebanon is the First Lebanese American Cultural Center in Los Angeles!

We are a Lebanese American Cultural Center.  Our organization is non-religious and non-political. We are welcoming to al!.


Our mission is to Preserve, Communicate, and Celebrate Lebanese Heritage and Culture.

The House of Lebanon Cultural Center is a unique treasure created to share with the world the culture, diversity and spirit of the rich Lebanese Culture and Heritage. In accomplishing this we will:

  • Preserve and portray the culture, arts and crafts of Lebanon.
  • Contribute to the educational development and growth of all people in our community.
  • Demonstrate and radiate a spirit of love and service which will contribute to the betterment, uplifting and blessing of all who visit our beloved House of Lebanon. A special place for all.


The Lebanese American Foundation, Inc. (LAF) is committed to generate progressive and functional programs to address the specific needs of Lebanese Americans, Americans of Lebanese Descent and our culturally diverse communities. We envision creating a bridge that will connect future generations of Americans of Lebanese descent with their roots, while strengthening our ties with our diverse community to ensure that the House of Lebanon is utilized to its fullest potential.

Core Values

Our House of Lebanon is a place of pride for all Lebanese Americans, Americans of Lebanese Descent, their friends, and the community at large:

  • We are accessible, responsive, and welcoming to all.
  • We celebrate the rich cultural traditions brought to us by the Lebanese, and honor the activities and accomplishments of the Lebanese Americans.
  • We are committed to creating opportunities for the appreciation of cultural differences.
  • We seek innovative ways to collaborate with businesses, community leaders, organizations, and individuals throughout the region and beyond.
  • We pursue excellence and distinction in all aspects of programming and operations.
  • We are fiscally responsible.