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House of Lebanon Artists Group Planning “Beyond Borders” Art Exhibition


11How to set up “Beyond Borders” art exhibition? Where is it best to creatively and cohesively display new artwork with House of Lebanon permanent art collection? How can the outside space be an extension of the inside space? What are the workshops that can be offered? All of these questions were discussed during House of Lebanon Artists Group meeting in July. A group of Artists members attended the meeting to form committees and plan for House of Lebanon 4th Annual “Beyond Borders” 2014 Art Exhibition and opening reception.

House of Lebanon Meets Neighbors at Brookside Block Party

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Serving Lebanese savories, desserts, and freshly made on the spot Lebanese coffee was House of Lebanon’s way to say hello to our new neighbors at the 35th Annual Brookside Block Party held on Sunday, June 22. House of Lebanon was one of the sponsors of the event. Our goal was to meet and inform the community of the existence of House of Lebanon and the establishment of the first Lebanese American Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Video: House of Lebanon at 35th Annual Brookside Block Party

In Memoriam Casey Kasem

Casey Kasem“Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars.” How well we remember, how much we will miss you. The unique trademark voice – so comforting, so soothing, so Casey.

We gather here today to honor you. In life as in death, you bring us together. We thank you Casey Kasem for touching our lives in such a noble way. Because of you, we are better humans. You have taught us to love, to care, to fight for social and economic justice.You have brought joy to our lives, purpose to our existence. You have been a peace maker and your message has been that discourse is better than war and violence.

Keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars. Our feet are on the ground and you, a star among the stars – where you belong.

We shall always remember you and you will continue to live in us and in Kerri, Julie, and Michael. Good bye, old friend, until we meet again.”

The above eulogy was presented by Judge James Kaddo on Sunday, June 22, at the American Druze Society Center, Eagle Rock California, where a memorial tribute to Lebanese American Casey Kasem was held from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

A group of House of Lebanon board members attended the tribute.

Casey Kasem: How Lebanese Culture influenced His Storytelling Style and Life outside Radio


He is known as the iconic voice of American radio. For decades, Casey Kasem brought millions of listeners together across the country through his nationally syndicated countdown radio show American Top 40. With his warm unique voice, he was able to connect on an emotional level and build distant relationships with millions of followers.

House of Lebanon is saddened by the loss of not only the iconic radio legend, but also the Lebanese American figure, whose legacy brought pride to the Lebanese and Arab American community. Becoming a famous legendary radio host and a national American figure, Kasem never forgot about his Lebanese heritage. His cultural background influenced his presentational style as a radio host, was present in his children’ s upbringing, and incented him to become a passionate advocate on Lebanese Americans and Arab Americans causes.

House of Lebanon: A Sponsor at the 35th Annual Brookside Block Party

House of Lebanon is sponsoring the Watermelon Eating Contest at the 35th Annual Brookside Homeowners Association Block Party on Sunday, June 22, 3:00pm – 7:00pm.

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Our community members enjoying the watermelon contest at last year’s event!

Brookside Block Party is “LA’s longest continuously running block party.” Funds obtained from sponsorship are used to support community safety, historic preservation, disaster preparedness, and activities like holiday caroling with a horse-drawn wagon in the Brookside neighborhood and Movie Night in the Park.

“It is important for House of Lebanon to be part of events that benefit the community we are part of,” said Ferris Wehbe, Board Member. “We have moved to our newly purchased cultural center just last year and this is our second year being sponsors at the Brookside Block Party.”

House of Lebanon booth will be serving Lebanese pastries and we will be enjoying the day the community comes together.